Jackpot Warsaw 777 answers the need for combination of chique atmosphere with guaranteed quality and attention to every detail.

The seasonal menu consists of 7 extraordinary house drinks and 7 unique dishes. We offer perfect New York organic sandwiches and other culinary extravaganzas revolving around meat smoking.


The venue is inspired by the Jack Daniel?s brand. Here You can have a real treat ? both during day time and in the evening. 7 rituals, parties revolving around the seven deadly sins and never-ending dance on the bar counter, couches and tables. We?re co-operating with the best resident musicians, so the dancefloor is full until the break of day.


In winter Jackpot is an atmospheric, underground interior where chique and madness entwine. In summer our space is expanded by lush green garden with deck chairs and open air kitchen, where every bon viveur will have a real treat every single time.